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• Greater control over your machines’ life cycle
• Significant reductions in data center maintenance spending
• Flexibility in terms of support coverage with flexible SLAs
• More money set aside to finance other hardware and growth strategies
• Excellent service delivery from dedicated engineers
• Greater uptime

Our People

Since 1997 we've been passionate about doing what's best for our clients

Our Process

Executive oversight on every service ticket, from beginning to end.

Our Technology

Our cloud-based Multi-Vendor Dashboard provides centralized management of assets, contracts, and service tickets.

Manufacturers Supported

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Why Choose Server Maintenance in Utah?


We are passionate about delivering a seamless service experience.


We approach each client engagement as a long-term partnership, not just a transaction.


Exceptional service since 1997. We're here to stay.


Save up to 70% annually on your maintenance contracts.

Server Maintenance PRO maintenance offerings are designed with the specific goal of improving IT and business outcomes in Utah

Our Reviews:

My company extended the life of the old EMC and some Cisco equipment for another 5 years at the same 4-hour response and maintenance time we got from the manufacturer. This was a huge help as we were in the middle of a new hybrid LAN/cloud infrastructure deployment. The service times were always perfect, and NorthSmart was always able to provide the parts we needed. We could also get firmware upgrades for some equipment not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This was a great service and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their equipment running for a few more years.

– David L

NorthSmart IT has been a great help in extending the life of our old equipment. They are responsive and always provide the parts and services we need. We have also been able to get firmware upgrades for some of our equipment that was not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to keep their equipment running for a few more years.

– Mark

NorthSmart IT is a great company that offers excellent Third-Party Hardware Maintenance services. They have a lot of experience and are able to extend the service life of your hardware significantly. I highly recommend their services.

– Dan
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