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Third-party maintenance is an alternative to a traditional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty and post-warranty support. For example, you use a third-party service provider for IBM or Dell EMC in your data center instead of getting it from the company itself, which offers more limited coverage than these third-party maintenance providers typically offer.

When you use a third party for maintenance, they will offer more comprehensive coverage and proactive monitoring than what is typically offered by the OEM. This in the long run will translate to cheaper maintenance costs and of course better working systems.

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Executive oversight on every service ticket, from beginning to end. Direct dispatch to field service and L3 engineers delivers industry leading response times.

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What Is Server Maintenance? 

Keeping a server up and running is an important process that requires the expertise of professionals. This includes regular checkups, updates, or repairs to ensure it can handle its users’ demands while monitoring unusual activity for any signs suggesting problems with performance.

Professional IT teams are responsible for ensuring all hardware in regards to maintaining these machines is of good quality. They will update them when necessary through software patches and security fixes and watch out against potential hazards such as malware or hacking. 

If you want to keep your business running smoothly and be proactive about cost optimization and preventing problems, then server maintenance is an important part of the journey.

Who Conducts Server Maintenance? 

Servers are complicated machines that require experience and knowledge to keep running smoothly. That’s where professional IT teams come in: they’re certified professionals who know how servers work, so when something goes wrong with one, you can count on them for help troubleshooting it or solving other problems related to the situation at hand. 

These people with the goal of customer satisfaction will keep an eye out on your server’s performance, ensuring it’s running as it should be and taking note of any changes in activity so they can investigate and determine if there’s anything you need to worry about. 

IT teams can often provide the necessary maintenance for their servers without having an employee on staff, which offers a cost savings advantage to companies. They do this by conducting routine server updates like monthly or quarterly backups with data integrity in mind and ensuring that each system is running at peak performance, so you get reliable service while cutting costs in maintenance


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Our Services

24/7 Server Monitoring and Defense

We have a team with a unique level of commitment that will keep an eye on your server to ensure everything is running smoothly. We will draft a favorable contract term and also implement maintenance procedures for storage and device upkeep so that your data is safe and functioning properly.


We provide a huge range of storage maintenance services to keep your information secure. We will execute regular backups and inspections to verify that your data is adequately backed up and can be recovered in an emergency.


We offer device maintenance services to keep your devices in good working order. We will conduct regular checks and updates to ensure that your devices are working properly and are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

What Is a Server Maintenance Plan? 

Why Do I Need Server Maintenance? 

Server maintenance is important for businesses of all sizes. This can save businesses money in the long run and reduce downtime and ensure that users have a positive experience. A well-maintained server will run more efficiently and be less likely to experience problems. If the server fails, the computers fail, and the company suffers. Server maintenance can be compared to going to the doctor for a checkup – it’s the best way to make sure everyone is healthy and working smoothly.


Unlike people who get a physical exam every year, servers require more frequent attention. Servers need to be constantly monitored, updated and repaired. Because servers are time-consuming, companies often hire third-party service providers to maintain them.


At Server Maintenance Pro, we offer a range of server maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly. Our 24/7 monitoring and defence service will detect any potential issues with your server and take action to fix them quickly. We also offer storage and device maintenance services to keep your data safe and your devices in good working order.

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